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Why to get certified on Endoscope Reprocessing?

A flexible endoscope is a complex and reusable instrument that requires meticulous cleaning and reprocessing in strict accordance with manufacturer and professional organization guidance before being used on subsequent patients. Proper reprocessing of endoscopes and accessories is critical to the safe and successful treatment of patients. Endoscopes reprocessed appropriately pose virtually no risk of transmission of patient-borne or environmental microorganisms.

For those reasons many healthcare institutions are seeking for certified flexible endoscope reprocessor to ensure meeting high quality standards.


• Rules. Regulations and Safety

• Anatomy and Physiology

• Microbiology

• Infection Control

• Medical Terminology and Procedures Involving Flexible Endoscopes.

• Workplace Design and Employee Safety

• Cleaning

• High-Level Disinfection

• Processing Flexible Gastrointestinal Endoscopes and Bronchoscopes

January Course Dates:

January 4/2020-January 25/2020    Saturday     1pm-3pm      

Deadline Registration: 01/28/2020

CBSPD Exam Dates: Feb 3-8, 2020

Total fees and charges $1300 including:

  • Registration Fee. Non- Refundable                                 
  • Tuition                                                                                                                                                                                   
  • Comprehensive Review                                                            
  • Extra Study Material                                                                   
  • Flexible Endoscope Workshop                                               
  • Printed out CBSPD test application                                     
  • Continuing education credits once you are certified


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